A little ?

Life is too much of a rush sometimes and we often forget to stop and enjoy the moment… We all need to take a break and recharge batteries as its defined in the name of our hotel, , which means a break in Turkish so why don’t you stop and take a .

Ayvalık is a natural wonder by its unique beach, the fishing boats sprinkled on the sea and little islands a bit far away from the land. It is Ayvalık with a texture that has been shaped during the Ottoman era, curled, narrow, old stone-streets and stone-houses. Its beauty and unique identity makes Ayvalık recognized at the first glance.

The real wonderland begins when you pass through to the Cunda Island from Ayvalık. Cunda winks at you differently with the pine trees that reach to the beach and the deep blue sea.

The Cunda Island that is located at the Aegean cost and the indispensable of Balıkesir impresses all kinds of people with its endless beaches, all time sparkling sun, sea full of happiness and never leaving emerald green trees and olive groves.

The historical stone-houses inside the city that carries the kind air of the past welcome you… The colour of dried roses mixed into the ecru colours of the houses and flit with the wind. The balcony parapets made of iron, the lattices, the balcony legs that are blinding with their perfect wood or face stone crafts and motifs on them are an hour-long watch.

Is that all? Of course not...

Cunda also makes home ownership for a great history.

Silently, churches that challenge centuries and monasteries welcome you. You can reach to the Çamlı Monastery, in its other name Taksiyarhis Ta Çamya, on foot in half an hour from the Island central and by following the path on the old Çeşme road which is at the left of the Patriça road.

Koruyan St. Mary Monastery “Panagias Tis Lekai” that had been renovated is a private property which can be seen between the olive trees stand right in the right of the exit of the Ayvalık Dalyan Bosporus and dominates the whole view of Bosporus.

Also, Cunda, is a center of attraction for the flavor hunters with the fish restaurants that are rowed by the coast.

CUNDA HOTEL, would be glad to host you.

CUNDA HOTEL is awaiting for your personal break away from your hectic schedules and welcomes you into the nature and relaxation.