A Good is waiting for you at the Cunda Island.

The CUNDA HOTEL, differs with its regional architecture and texture, building made of fully environment-friendly materials and nature-friendly heating/cooling systems features.

Within the Hotel there is a fresh garden in a big yard and a charming cooling pool.

Not only will you leave your stress and tiredness of the day but also the tiredness of the whole year while you releax in the lodges among the pool.

The open buffet Aegean/Ege Breakfast that is prepared with the most fresh and natural products of the region, Bahçe Restaurant with Snack menu, the unique cocktails of the sea-view bar that was designed in a Cunda windmill form and the happy-hour parties at the weekends are waiting for you.

Mola is only a few minutes walk to the central and the beach of Cunda but still away from the crowd of the central.

is ready for your comfort with the Deluxe and Suite room choices.